Bio Euro Cleaner (2L) industrial cleaner


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Information about Bio Euro Cleaner (2L) industrial cleaner

Note: Irrespective of the price in the store: Due to high shipping outside the Netherlands (19.50), this product is only 2 pieces to order for customers from outside the Netherlands. Together, these cost over 2 * 29.50 + 4.45 + standard shipping additional contribution of € 6 shipping = 69.45 Euro - discount for ordering 2 pieces of 5% = 2.95 = Total: 66.50 euros.
We subsidize the shipping than 19,50-4,45-6,00 = 9.05 euros.

Industrial cleaner for 1000 uses!

- Due to its composition, this powerful cleaner used for more than 1000 uses.

- This product was therefore designed on demand of the middle classes and catering companies.

- Euro Cleaner is skin-friendly, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

- In restaurants is a must have for nicotine stains on ceilings, PVC windows, tables, chairs, counters, etc.

- For butchers, bakers, caterers, frying, restaurants and fisheries is a very high degreaser in their workplaces.

- But also for private use, this product is a real winner, a few examples:

- chip boilers

- plastic

- carpets

- etc.

Note: Avoid soaking carpet cleaner Euro never use pure, not by machine (too much foam).

This product has more than 100,000 customers in ordering the Benelux.